Crawley United Reformed Church


September is the time of year when we try to get back to a normal routine after the summer break.  For some of us too, it’s a time for a holiday without the younger generations!

Time is a funny thing though.  Although we can’t always choose how we use our time, we can control our attitude towards it.  I always seem to be chasing it, are you? As it’s a great gift from God, how can make sure we use our time wisely?

 Firstly, we need to see that time is a gift from God.  Each day is an opportunity to know God better and serve Him.  It isn’t inexhaustible, as someday our time on earth will end.  ‘Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.’ (Psalm 90:12).  So, the first thing we can do when we wake, is to thank God for the gift of another day.

 Secondly, commit our time to God.  Time is not to be wasted, but to be used for God’s glory.  We are accountable to God for the way that we use our time: ‘Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity’ (Ephesians 5:15,16).  We should ask God to help us organise our time more wisely, to reflect God’s concerns.

 Thirdly, set aside time for God, so you can get to know Him and worship Him.  How often do we go through a whole day without thinking about God? This is because we relegate God to our spare time, to Sundays only, so He ends up at the bottom of our list of priorities.  Jesus said, ‘Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness’ (Matthew 6:33).  It is when we don’t do this that our day and its troubles start falling down around our ears.   We have forgotten to invite God into our day and its activities.   If we prioritise our time for God, people and our needs, the rest of life will fit around them.

 I hope your time this autumn is blessed and fulfilling, shared with those you love.