Crawley United Reformed Church


I have to admit that I love Advent and Christmas. It is such a wonderful moment of light in the dark winter.  I love to see the children dressed as angels, shepherds and wise men in our Christingle service.  A moment of innocence as they gather around the manager lost in awe and wonder as they all want to see the child in the manger.

At one such time, a little girl who was hidden behind the taller children shouted, ‘Let Jesus show!’  What an amazing cry!  This is such a fantastic time of year to let Jesus show in our homes, our lives and our church.  At this dark time of year, we have a light of hope to share with everyone.  For those who feel lost and lonely, Let Jesus show!  For those who are grieving ‘Let Jesus show’!  For those who are ill ‘Let Jesus show!

In the town of David, a Saviour has been born to you; He is Messiah, the Lord.” Luke 2:10

Jesus was shown to shepherds, wise men and travellers who probably weren’t sure of all the titles he has - Messiah, Saviour and Lord.  But they did know that he was someone special, that God had done something unique.  They could see that God had come to earth to be with us.  It must have been such an amazing time for them!

And then they had to return to their normal routine. I am sure they were never the same again!  Imagine them showing Jesus to all their fellow shepherds, spreading the good news around the countryside.

This Christmas I pray that we all see Jesus at work in our lives and the life of the church.  And as witnesses we will then be able to show Jesus as we go back to our normal routines in the New Year.

Have a blessed and joyful advent and Christmas