Crawley United Reformed Church

Our Elders

The United Reformed Church ordains Elders to work with the minister as part of the leadership team.  After the ordination, the minister asks the members of the church to accept the ministry of all the elders to be inducted:

i)  to foster in the congregation concern for witness and service to the community, evangelism at home and abroad, Christian education, ecumenical action, local inter-church relations and the wider responsibilities of the whole church;

ii)  to see that public worship is regularly offered and the sacraments are duly administered, and generally to promote the welfare of the congregation;

iii)  to ensure pastoral care for the congregation, in which the minister is joined by elders having responsibility for groups of members;

iv)  to nominate from among its members a church secretary (or secretaries), to be elected by the church meeting, to serve both the church meeting and the elders’ meeting;

v)  to arrange for pulpit supply in a vacancy;

At Crawley United Reformed Church our Officers are:

Pat Chesson - Church Secretary

Sue Fenwick - Admin Secretary

Jenny Gill - Treasurer

Our other serving Elders are:

Bridget Russell

Derek Russell

Charles Skinner

Alistair Spear

If you have been a member for a year and are interested in becoming an Elder please speak to Revd Bridget Banks